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What is truth? Is there just one truth or maybe whatever is true for you and whatever is true for me is truth. These questions are so prevalent in our world. Paul encourages Timothy and us to stand firm for truth, one truth that is God’s truth, who is the savior of all men. You   

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Paul gives great insight to the young church leader Timothy Church Leadership in the church, what is an elder, deacon, and who should hold these positions? We dive into these extremely import roles and how we at Calvary St Pete view them and how the church globally should view them.   You can listen to   

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Tonight we talk about the widely misunderstood subject of gender roles. Paul encourages Timothy to remind the men in his church to live in their roles and the women to do the same. The verse can come off as abrasive or even mean but when we dive into what Paul is really saying we see great encouragement   

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