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Here is the audio from guest speaker Sebastian Dortch a few weeks back from Acts 17!   Hope you enjoy!   Subscribe on iTunes for all sermons!

After being beaten and broken yet finding God to be faithful and always working out his plan for his Glory, Paul expresses gratefulness to God! What a reminder to us to be grateful for all the God has done in us and for that gratefulness to push us to walk out God’s ministry.   Listen   

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Here is the recording from our study in Acts 16 from Pastor Malcolm!   If you like this sermon please share it and Subscribe to get all of the High School Youth Sermons!

Listen to Pastor Ryan teach for Acts 15 in our C2 sermon series!   C2 meets every Thursday at 7pm at Calvary Chapel St. Pete and is for High School Students. We meet for Worship, Teaching and small group discussions from 7pm-915pm. Check out the Visit Page for more info and to contact us!     

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Listen to Pastor Malcolm teach from Acts 9!   Subscribe on iTunes to get more sermons from Calvary Chapel Youth!

Listen to Pastor Malcolm teach from Acts 9!   You can see more sermons HERE! Or Subscribe to our Podcast on iTunes below!      

Listen to Pastor Ryan teach from Acts 8!     You can see more sermons HERE! Or Subscibe to our Podcast on iTunes below!  

Listen to Pastor Ryan Marr teach from Acts 8 at C2! We will have our sermons all on iTunes very soon for you to subscribe to! In the meantime listen here and share with your friends and family. Other sermons can be found by clicking the link below! Find more sermons here! 

Listen to our study in Acts 8 from Niles Parker! More sermons here! 

  More sermons HERE! 

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