High school is an exciting time of life! You have a perspective of the future, but have no idea what it will bring.  You also have a vigor of the present, but there is a lack of experience and ability to go out on your own.  High school is a time of perspective, vigor and transition.  So, here are some principles that will help you make use of your high school years, not to waste them.


High school is about perspective!  During your high school years, you will notice that you have an uncanny ability to make abstract constructions about your family, God, finances and friendships.

Family- By the time you are in high school, you start to make assumptions and connections about your family’s traditions and treasures.  You think about what your future family will be like- how you will teach, raise and love your future children.

God- You start to understand scripture and begin asking questions about  faith, God and life.   You are also more and more in contact with people who have different perspectives than your own- about faith, God and Jesus. Your faith is forced to ask more questions about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and you start to develop your faith as your perspective grows.

Finances- Your perspective of finances becomes developed. The little money you earn is quickly gone and you learn to use it wisely.

Friendships-  Friends are a very important part of the high school perspective. Some of your friendships can be defined through being lied to, wronged and mistreated by people that say they are your friends.  At the same time you can experience grace, love and pure enjoyment because of the friendships you have.  You may experience a myriad of emotions in the midst of your relationships.  Some of your friendships will turn into a lasting covenant of marriage.

Friendships have everything to do with God- making us relational.  Genesis 1:27 says that we were made “in the image of God”. So, being relational is one of  the most natural parts of  being humans. God the Father loves Jesus, his Son, and he sends his Spirit.  Jesus the Son defends you to the Father (John 2:1-3).  The Holy Spirit speaks to us about the Son (John 14, 16).

The friendships you experience should  point you to the perfect friend who loves you and speaks the truth to you.  Jesus not only called his disciples friends (Luke 12:4), but gives peace through our relationship with him (John 20:21).

The  beauty about high school is that you are growing in perspective. You are thinking, relating, feeling and asking tons of questions.

So how do you use your perspective?

1. As Christians, you should forgive those who don’t understand you.   You should not be judgmental to the traditions you grew up in. You should be slow to anger when someone doesn’t understand you and when you think you understand things better than others. You should learn to listen to others with grace and demonstrate how you want to be treated.  You should study The Bible for answers about faith, Jesus and life.

2. The only way to live in this perspective is to know that Jesus lived a life toward you when you didn’t live a life for him.  The Bible says that Christ died for us, even when we were enemies  in our sin, rebellion and disbelief  (Ephesians 2: 1-10).

3. Having a perspective of what Jesus did for us is all we need and its a perspective that frees us to love God and love others.

Don’t waste your high school years!